Director Han Myung-ku's next film, 'Geojedo POW Camp,' begins production in earnest

Tells the story of the tragedy and pain of the Korean War

By Diplomacy Journal Lee Jon-young


Director Han Myung-ku questions the movie industry and society with his unique perspective on social issues. His next movie, 'Geojedo POW Camp,' is in full production as the set site has been finalized.


Han, who won the Best Director award at the Indian International Film Festival for his film "The Silence of One’s Lover," will direct "Geojedo POW Camp," a dramatic film with a total budget of 75 billion won, which is scheduled for release in 2025. The executive producer will be Kim In-sik, chairman of the steering committee of the Korea Association of Film Producers.



The film tells the story of the tragedy and pain of the Korean War, and is based on the true story of 173,000 POWs, including 130,000 North Korean soldiers, 20,000 Chinese soldiers, 20,000 volunteer soldiers, and 3,000 female prisoners of war at Geojedo POW camp from February 1951 to July 1953.

The POW camp diorama hall recreates the conditions and major events of the prisoners' lives. The facial expressions of the dolls are so vivid that you feel as if you are watching the scene yourself.



'Geojedo POW Camp' is an ultra-large-scale blockbuster movie with a total budget of more than 75 billion won, including 50 billion won for production and 25 billion won for the set, and will be released with the investment support of domestic groups and consultation with Geoje City Mayor Park Jong-woo, Geoje Museum Chairman Hwang Soo-won, and Chairman Koo Jong-hoe of the Sympathy Arts Center.


"As Korean movies are being loved by audiences again after the coronavirus pandemic, such as the recently released '12.12: The Day,' 'Exhuma,' and The Roundup: Punishment,' we will pay close attention to many aspects of the film," said Han. "It will be produced through the sponsorship of many organizations and groups in Geoje City and Gyeongsangnam-do."



He continued, "We plan to start casting in earnest. We will submit the film to the Cannes Film Festival, Venice Film Festival, Berlin International Film Festival, Academy Awards, etc. so that Geoje Island can be known around the world."


Han Myung-ku made his debut in 1987 with the film 'Night Butterfly' and has worked not only as a director but also as a screenwriter and actor, and has served as a jury member at various film festivals. 


He has focused on social issues such as North-South Korea and migrant workers, and his representative works include "What's My Age," "JSA North-South Joint Elementary School," "Goknyeo," and "The Silence of One’s Lover.”