Gwangju Mayor Kang Ki-jeong meets with Thai Ambassador to Korea

To discuss cooperation on AI and future cars

By Diplomacy Journal Lee Kap-soo


Gwangju City Mayor Kang Ki-jeong met with Thai Ambassador to the Republic of Korea Tanee Sangrat in the reception room of the city hall on June 21 to discuss cooperation in high-tech industries such as artificial intelligence (AI) and future cars.


"Gwangju City, together with the National Asian Culture Center, has been conducting cultural ODA (official development assistance) projects in Chiang Mai, Thailand, since last year, and Gwangju FC visits Thailand every year for winter training," said Mayor Kang. "I hope that these ties will lead to a stronger relationship between Gwangju and Thailand."



"Thailand is focusing on AI and future cars," said Ambassador Tanee Sangrat, adding, "Thai startup companies are making various efforts to enter Korea, and we would like to invite them to come to Korea and Gwangju to operate."

Mayor Kang officially invited Ambassador Korea Tanee Sangrat to attend the 15th Gwangju Biennale in September.


Tanee Sangrat, Ambassador of Thailand to the Republic of Korea, presented his Letter of Credence to President Yoon Suk-yeol at Presidential Office in Seoul on May 24, 2024.